New best story on Hacker News: Thank HN: 7 years and $7M later, it all started right here

Thank HN: 7 years and $7M later, it all started right here
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At BEE we develop visual builders for emails, landing pages, and more. We recorded over 5,214,407 sessions of our builders in hundreds of software applications last month. As a company, we recently passed $7m in annual recurring revenue. And it all started with this post on HN exactly seven years ago: The Hacker News community took time to look at what we were doing, and provided honest and useful feedback that got us going on the right track. And we want to say THANK YOU!! Our website looked very different back then, but the 'core' was there: a visual builder to let anyone design an email, easily, quickly, with no signup, nothing to fill out, just the product. That experience remains the same today, and we stuck with it because of comments like this one we received that October 18, 2014, right here on HN: "Massive props for letting me play around with it without having to sign up or enter any data." Now there are more features, more things you can do with our products, thousands of customers that have chosen BEE, but the core remains the same. You can still go to ( ), click on 'Start designing', and get into the product with 2 clicks. And today there are over 600 SaaS applications that have embedded our visual builders into their product because we took to heart some other feedback we received that very day on HN: "I've been looking for a good email editor for a while now. Any chance of BeeFree being embeddable, either as a service or open source?" We could keep going, but you get the idea: we're truly, deeply grateful that many of you, on October 18, 2014, took time out of your day to check out what we were doing, and share your thoughts. We never forgot. From all of us at BEE, thank you so much!!! Massimo Arrigoni CEO BEE Content Design, Inc.

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